First and foremost I would like to thank the amazing models I have had the privilege of working with thus far. Without these beautiful women I would not be able to do what I do!

I am always looking for female models to collaborate with as I continue to work on my Fine Art Figurative Nude Series, titled SANCTUM.

Modeling for this project is not easy. The unique landscapes I choose are not always easy to get to, but by getting off the trail and going further than most people are willing to go, I hope to create truly unique images. With that being said, I do not expect everyone to be interested in being part of this project, but if you are, you must be prepared for these challenges.


In exchange for your time and modeling services I provide one signed and numbered Artist Proof Limited Edition Print from our session (24 inches on the longest side, smaller size is available upon request). My prints are produced on archival, professional grade, fine art paper and come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition to the physical print, I provide  web sized jpg. images (800pix wide) from our session for you to use in your online model portfolio. I typically retouch 1-4 images from a shoot, this number depends on several factors including shoot length, number of locations, etc.


SANCTUM is a project that combines the beauty of the female form, with the uniqueness of our natural environment. While this project is in no way intended to be suggestive, sexual, or provocative, it does involve nudity, and models will be posing in the nude.

If you are not comfortable with having nude photos available for public viewing, 'anonymous posing' (where the model is not clearly recognizable), as well as 'implied posing' (where the model is nude, but through creative posing there are no visible nipples, pubic hair or genitals) is often possible. This must be discussed and agreed upon before the photo shoot.

All models must understand that the final images will be available for all to see, including any present or future friends, family or co-workers. These images may be included in a collection of Limited Edition Prints and will not be taken offline or out of production for any reason. Please consider this carefully if you have not posed nude before.

A model release will be signed before each photo shoot. 


I am happy to provide references from models I have worked with in the past. Available upon request.


If you are interested in modeling for this project feel free to contact me here. I am currently working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.

- Dan Cruikshank