My name is Dan Cruikshank. I am a 30 year old Canadian Fine Art Photographer. Currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wherever I go I search for unique perspectives and overlooked details.

I am currently working on two specific collections:

COAST is a series of intimate seascapes focused on the sensory elements of the Pacific Northwest Coastline. I have always been fascinated, and intimidated by the sea... the tranquil beauty, the destructive power, and the deep unknown. The variety of moods portrayed by the ocean provide an endless opportunity to me as a photographer. COAST is a project that will explore these moods in great detail, capturing a single moment of time in an ever-changing environment.

SANCTUM is an ongoing project that combines the beauty of the human form with our unique natural environment. SANCTUM will take traditional figurative nudes and place them in extraordinary landscapes across North America. Through these images I hope to convey a sense of solitude and discovery, as we search for our personal sanctum; that perfect moment in that perfect place.